The season has changed, but we are still not feeling it down South.  When your Fall consists of 90 degree weather you have to improvise and get creative with your wardrobe! Some staples that are a MUST would be mini skirts, breathable blouses, floral rompers, dresses, & of course accessories!  Throw on a sleeveless dress & add a hat...#FALL!  You will be cool & comfy without being too hot...well inside at least, because let's be honest...step outside in a bikini & you sweat in this weather! Pictured above is just a small sample of our amazing new arrivals for Fall and also Winter.  If you are not from around this awfully warm climate then these options still work for you!  Throw on some tights with the "short stuff" & some knee high boots & you're ready to conquer the cool temps!  

On another note, we love empowering women here at The Palm Tree Boutique! So, we have compiled a list of habits of a successful woman...because, you need to surround yourself with women you can grow with.  We will be your virtual circle(;

  • She makes time for herself

  • She challenges herself

  • She educates herself "Educate a girl and she can change the world"

  • She understands guilt, acknowledges it, and moves on 

  • She smiles

  • She sets goals and makes sure she achieves them

  • She helps others with a genuine heart

  • She empowers other women 

Thanks for following along...sending happiness to all of our kick-ass babes reading this!! 

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