5 Ways to Keep Your 2015 Resolutions

We are well into the new year as January is coming to a close and February is quickly approaching. By this point some may have fallen off the new year's resolution bandwagon, the trips to the gym we swore we'd take, the investments we said we'd make into ourselves may not be working out quite like we hoped they would. Or maybe you're rocking the new year and staying on track, good for you! If you're like me, you might be struggling to keep yourself in check in 2015. Here are my tips for staying accountable and accomplishing everything you want to in 2015. 


1. Write it down.

I personally have a tendency in my busy day to day life to forget things that are not labeled as a "priority" in my daily schedule and list of things to do. Writing down the things I want to accomplish for the day like adding "Go to the gym" in the middle of my schedule helps me not get too caught up in my workday that I forget to have some "me" time. Plus it is oh so satisfying to check that off my list each day. 

2. Make it easy.

I have found that one of the biggest stumbling blocks in keeping up with my resolutions is myself. For example one of my goals this year was to drink more water everyday. I quickly found out that I hate having to break my concentration every 30 mins or so to get a new bottle of water, and this stopped me from reaching my daily goal. To make it easy for me to drink water continuously throughout the day I bought the biggest mason jar cup I could find (48oz of pure hydration people!), I knew the more convenient it was for me to take a sip throughout the day the more I was likely to do it. Plus the cup was really adorable and I just couldn't resist. 

3. Make it a treat.

Just like with the mason jar cup I mentioned above, making the task you are trying to accomplish a treat for yourself will help you feel more positive towards the situation. So instead of telling yourself "I have to go to the gym today" like it's a chore, rephrase it in a way that is positive. "I get to have some 'me' time at the gym today." Perspective is everything. 

4. Take a break. 

Try not to make the mistake of burning yourself out in the first few months of the year. Intensity is not a bad thing, just don't overdo it. Instead try to create habits that will not only last you throughout 2015 but many years after. Think of it as muscle training, before you know it working out, eating healthy, or even drinking more water will be natural and easier part of everyday life. Slow and steady y'all! 

5. Try something new.

I don't know about you but I tend to get bored pretty easily. Changing it up every once in awhile helps keep your goals fresh and fun, variety is the spice of life after all isn't it.

One way I implement this into my water drinking goal is by making fruit infused waters when I get tired of plain water. Join a class or eat something you might not normally try, whatever your goal is you can find something to make it an experience rather than a bore. 

Bonus! 6. Reward yourself. 

You deserve it! Even if your new year's resolution this year was to sleep more you deserve a little something for making it this far. Go treat yo' self! 



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