#GIRLSQUAD // Get to know our girls...Continued... August 17, 2017 15:00

Hey Girl!!

Meet another member of our #GIRLSQUAD,


Allison is our busy-bee sales associate that everyone loves! Her drive shows through in everything she does!  She rocks her modern style & edgy flair! She's full of dreams & we can't wait to see where they take her!  

  • # 1 thing on your bucket list?  Get in really good shape & run a marathon!! 
  • Favorite food?  CHIPS & SALSA -- duh?
  • Item of clothing you can't live without?  The perfect denim/bomber jacket OR cardigan!
  • Favorite color?  greens!! (olive, dark, NO lime)
  • All time favorite show?  Love on Netflix & Big Little Lies 
  • Celebrity Crush?  James & Dave Franco 
  • Fun fact?  SO SCARED of flying...(so not so fun fact lol) 

 Allison Collection:

Shimmy Shimmy satin top $32
KanCan Denim jeans - in store!
Kendra Scott Jewelry: 
Annisa Necklace $65
Misty hinge Bracelet $70
Mary Caroline Bracelet $45
Asher Earrings $65

Thanks for following along, until next time!