Fashion Week Recap!!

Hi lovelies!! 

Fashion week has come and gone in the most chic cities around the world.  It is always exciting to see all of the glam...from street style of the front row guests to the runway designs.  It's all very magical!!  Some of our fav trends are pictured above.  Of course, styles walked up and down the runway can be a little intimidating but if you look at the basis of the outfit you can find the trend that is very much adaptable to your everyday style!! Let's look at some...

Velvet is the number one trend right now, and we personally can't get enough!! Of course we know you aren't going to pull out an all velvet navy blue jumpsuit (but if you do, ROCK THAT GIRL), however you can wear splashes here and there! We have some great options in store(;

Sequins and the color pink work the same way! Add splashes here and there and you will be perfectly in style!!  With holiday season coming up it will be ever so easy to wear sequins! From girls night out, date night, company parties...the list goes on! Throw on some faux fur & you'll have mixed textures ready to dazzle the night away.  

Now neutrals is the perfect trend!! Fashion "rules" have always told us that white after Labor Day is just not acceptable...especially down South.  Honey, you better be sticking to your "winter white" is what we have heard growing up.  BUT, as long as it is not linen or some eyelet fabric we say it is totally acceptable!! On the other hand if you choose to wear those during the season we say GO FOR IT!  Fashion is supposed to be limitless & your unique style is a way to show who you are!  So break the rules & go for whatever makes you feel good!! ...Back to neutrals! We are loving the simplicity of wearing your warm tones without much pattern and keeping it crisp looking! 

What trend are you loving!? Which was your favorite show...New York, London, Milan, Paris!? Tell us in the comments below!

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