It’s Friday!!!!!

Hi all!!!

I hope you are having a fantastic Friday!! I am still packing up my apartment and getting ready to move TOMORROW! I am so excited and so stressed at the same time!!

I’m super busy over here getting everything ready, but I still wanted to pop in and say hi! Here are a few pics to show you what I am up to….

photo 4

Gracie is totally over having to maneuver her way through the maze of boxes every time she has to go outside to potty.

photo 3

Just getting all of those clothes out of my closet and onto the rolling rack took me way longer than I would like to admit. 5 hours. Come on! They had to be organized before I moved them!!! Don’t judge me.

photo 2-1

The last things that will be packed: running shoes, juicer, laptop, and….. olive oil? Whatever.

photo 5

At least I have been comfy while doing all of this! I know I have already mentioned it before, but I LOVE this aztec sweater!! I just ordered this sweater yesterday as well. Can’t wait for it to come in!

photo 2

Yes, that is one suitcase solely dedicated to scarves. I have problems.

photo 3

At least I have this girl to make the move a little more fun!! She loves her sunnies ;)

Sorry for the poor quality of the pictures! I already packed up my camera so I have been using my phone to capture these super fun moving moments. I promise they will get better! Also, I have LOVED reading everyone’s comments! Please keep them coming! Remember, you still have till Sunday to be entered to win the gift card!

Well, I gotta get back to it. Have a great weekend!!



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