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So, I don’t know about ya’ll, but my calendar has been filling up fast with holiday parties and events. I usually fall victim to the “I need to leave in 5 minutes and I have nothing to wear!” scenarios, so this year I decided to start planning early! I have been perusing pinterest and fashion blogs and have found some great inspiration for fun holiday outfits that I can put together with stuff out of my own closet! Here are a couple of my favorite pinterest looks :

  • Subtly Glamorous


I love this! It’s glitzy and cozy all at the same time! The best part about this is that I have a black sequin skirt sitting in the back of my closet that I think would be perfect for this look. I wore it for new years eve a few years ago and haven’t had another occasion to wear it. I never thought to pair it with a soft over sized sweater to make it not so “look at me!”. Here is a great holiday sequin skirt that would be perfect for this look.

  • Holiday Chic


This one is especially great for those of you who live in areas where “winter” is a brisk 75 degrees (I feel ya. I’m a south Texas girl myself). If it’s still fairly warm outside and you want to show off those legs then I love the idea of shorts at a holiday party! Some might think it’s too casual, but I think if you pair them with the right top and accessories then you are golden. Like this picture: black shorts, sequin top, cute pumps or wedges, and a great clutch. You can always put a pair of tights on underneath the shorts if you feel like you need to cover up a little more. Don’t forget the red lips! Love love love this look!

Here are a few of some great Shop Palm Tree holiday finds:

  • Bittersweet Top in Black


This top would be perfect for a low key holiday party with either black leggings or skinny jeans. Then you could jazz it up with some great jewlery (I love statement necklaces) and some hot shoes! (This top would also work, maybe with gold shoes?)

  • Show Stopper Jeweled Dress


You could either dress this up for a holiday date night and wear it as a dress with heels and a colorful wrap, or you could calm it down for your office party and pair it with leggings, flats (or wedges), and a festive red cardigan! Perfect!

  • En Vogue Sequin Camy


I just bought this camy and LOVE it! I plan on wearing it to a friends family Christmas party with skinny black ankle pants, gold pumps, and a fitted blazer. It will be conservative enough for the party, but then I can take off the jacket and show off the sequins and fun gold straps when it’s time for the “after party”. Oh, you all know you end up at some hole in the wall karaoke bar after holiday parties! What? Thats just me? Never mind.

  • Dance the Night Away Dress


Oh, this dress. This dress has a story behind it. I have loved this dress from day one. I actually got it a couple of months ago to wear to my cousins wedding. I usually don’t find something to wear to weddings or parties until the very last minute, so I was super proud of myself for having a dress picked out several weeks before the big day! I couldn’t wait to dance the night away in this fun flowy little black number!

Well….. that didn’t end up happening. About 2 weeks before the wedding something bad happened. No…. something horrendous happened. Something extremely embarrassing. It pains me to even say it.

I SAT on my curling iron.

Yes, you read that right. I sat down on my scorching hot curling iron.

It’s a long story, and the details aren’t important. But due to this little burning fiasco, I ended up having a horrible curling iron shaped burn on the back of my leg. A few days before the wedding it was obvious the burn wasn’t going to heal in time so I had to run out and find a long dress that would work for the occasion.

I ended with a fairly cute outfit, but now my fun little party dress is just sitting in my closet :( Luckily, it is the PERFECT holiday party dress!!! It doesn’t even need any styling, it is perfect as is! Pair it with literally any heels or wedges and you are ready to go! I can’t wait to show this baby off!

All of this talk of clothes has me itching to do a giveaway! Who wants a pair of our super popular printed leggings?? Leave a comment telling me one or more of the following to be entered to win:

  • What is your favorite go-to holiday party outfit?
  • What would you like to get off of Shop Palm Tree for Christmas?
  • Do you have any embarrassing burn (or injury) stories?? Please… make me feel better :)

I will randomly pick the winner Sunday night and announce it on here Monday morning!

Talk to ya’ll later!!!



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