Rodeo Ready 2014

It’s that time of year again! Rodeo time for those of you who are the boot scootin’, hat wearin’, cow roping, southern belles that make our home state of Texas known across the U.S. *Yee-haw!* At The Palm Tree we loooove rodeo time, because that means we get to break out our favorite pair of boots to go with our favorite dresses. Southern Chic is a style we know well here and we have a roundup of gorgeous dresses ready for you to get your rodeo on! And guess what for 2 days only our favorite picks will be 20% off!

Here’s a few shots from our rodeo photo shoot! Don’t forget to take a peek at the sale, both of our featured dresses are 20% off! So scroll on down and take a gander!


Resized 1




Rodeo boutique 2




And here’s an bonus picture of Amy with a bunny cause, why not? haha


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