What I love Monday 2.0 July 14, 2014 15:05

Surprise! Our beloved WILM posts are BACK! This time with a little spin, we want to share things that are going to uplift and inspire you throughout the week. That could be anything, from quotes, graphics,  videos of kittens (sometimes there are Mondays only kittens can fix), even health and exercise tips! Anything we think will be helpful in making Monday just a little bit sunnier. :) Feel free to link us to articles, artists, cat videos, or anything that helps you get through the most notorious day of the week!

Have a great day everyone!

-The Palm Tree Team


1. This gorgeous watercolor print by Becca Cahan


2. The Smell of Freshly cut grass can make you happy!
According to this article in The Huffington Post the scent of freshly cut grass can make you feel more joyful and relaxed. Let’s be honest the last thing I want to be doing right now is pushing a law mower on a Monday in this ridiculously hot South Texas summer, a candle will do just fine for me thanks. ;) They also have a list of 10 other scents scientifically proven to enhance mood, sleep, and energy! Highly recommend taking a quick read and stopping at your favorite candle store on your way home.

Via lavish-living.blogspot.com

Via lavish-living.blogspot.com


3. THIS. #Likeagirl

If this isn’t empowering, I don’t know what is!

4.  How does this not make you happy? This picture has 0 calories and is fat free, stare all you want. ;)


Via Tumblr



5. This little bit of truth.


via Tumblr


6. This picture of the ocean that is just so calming.


7. These confidence boosting hangers in the Ace Hotel in NYC. Why can’t we all have these in our closets!

Image Via Tumblr

Image Via Tumblr


We hope your Monday has been a little bit better!