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So it’s your first big interview, you’re young, hip, capable, and having a particularly awesome hair day (you go girl). However you’re still nervous and not quite sure what to expect for your first “real” job, this is the big time. Maybe a super important internship to give some extra edge to your resume, or an office job for an executive with networking opportunities. Whatever the opportunity you’re sure to rock it.  No matter the job, dressing appropriately is so important. So here’s a few tips to help you with with our favorite part of the interview process, choosing an outfit!

1. Dress the part.

Wearing the appropriate clothes to your interview could be the difference between getting that dream job or having to wait for another call back. Try to dress up for the position you are trying to obtain, this shows that you are put together and a serious contender for the position. Last night’s clubbing outfit is a no-no.

2.  Keep Up To Date

Staying current on what’s fashionable for workplace clothing sets you apart and makes you look more polished, put together, and overall on top of things. Also giving your interviewer the impression that you keep up with the times and that making a good first impression is important to you.

3.  Simple=Modern

Keeping your clothing choices somewhat subdued and toned down for an interview will usually make a better impression than an outfit with 5 different patterns, mega bright colors, and tons of accessories (unless your interviewing to be a professional clown, then go for it). If you’re not looking for a position as a professional clown or something similar, basic colors like black, grays, and navy, with little bits of color will work well for an interview. That doesn’t mean your interview attire has to be boring! Interesting textures and patterns can add dimension and depth to an outfit, so experiment! Just don’t go overboard. ;)

4. Wear a dress.

Don’t be scared to wear a simple (and appropriate) dress to an interview instead of the traditional pant suit. A simple shift dress and smart tailored blazer with an attractive shoe, will give you a modern look that will be unforgettable (in a good way!) while not being too over the top and distracting for your interviewer. Don’t forget to be conscious of dress length, you want a dress that is not too short but not too long, usually right at the knee or halfway to the ankle is a good place to be.

5. Invest in a blazer.

A good tailored blazer can make an outfit, and it’s a great wardrobe staple to have. The right blazer will fit perfectly and you’ll be able to use it so many ways, from dressing up jeans to topping off your favorite work dress. Be sure to get a quality piece, you’ll be using it a lot and will want it to hold up and look great for years to come.

6.  Play Up Your Shoes

Feel free to play it up with the shoes a little, little pops of color can go a long way in completing an outfit. If the outfit already has enough color, the right shoes can tie the look all together, making an ultra chic statement. Just no 6″ heels, or giant studded platforms please, keep it classy girls.

7. Accesso-right

The right accessories are the cherry on top of the perfect outfit ice cream sunday (yum!). When picking accessories for an interview, always take into consideration the job you are applying for and keep them appropriate. Opt for classic and classy instead of bright and distracting. The wrong accessory can scream “LOOK AT ME!” and not in a good way. Your accessories should be up to date, quality, and subtly add to your look. Sometimes, less is more.

8. Smile.

Always remember “You’re never fully dressed without a smile!”

blog1A few of our favorite interview ready looks from The Palm Tree! Found here, and here.


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