How to Transition your Wardrobe from Summer to Fall


It’s still over 100 degrees in our little piece of Texas, but Before we know it the leaves will start to turn red and fall from the trees, and maybe we’ll get some relief from the swelteringly hot summer we’ve had. As sad as we’ll be to see summer slowly fade away, there’s always something exciting about fall. The changing colors, that little chill in the air that signals the coming winter, and the excitement of the transition period from summer to fall where all your clothes seem to become new again with the simple addition of a new scarf or your favorite denim jacket. The transition period to me, is the most fun of all the “seasons”, since it’s still not too cold to wear some of your summer favs but still cool enough that you’re not dying in the heat, plus it’s the only time of year that we get 70 degree weather in Texas. The transition period is great for accessories, and all about layering your new with your tried and true. Here is our top 10 list of summer to fall essentials every girl needs in her closet.

1. Military Jacket

Not only is the color perfect for fall, military jackets are perfect for layering to create a classic fall look that will never go out of style.


2. Cardigans

My favorite way to dress up a old summer dress is with a geek-chic Cardi. A simple cardigan can take a simple summer dress or top to fall ready fashion in one easy step. Every girl needs at least three different solid color high quality cardigans to pair with your transition favorites for years to come. Cardigans are also a great way to bring a pop of color to pull a whole outfit together. We absolutely love this bright pink cardi outfit via Lily Style!


3. Denim Jacket

A no brainer. Every girl, and I do mean every girl needs at least one trusty denim jacket, to throw on in a moments notice. A good fitting denim jacket is like the perfect boyfriend, compliments you, holds you tight, and is always there when you need him. Just saying.


4. black tights

Some say tights are outdated, but we saw them make a big comeback last fall. A good pair of black tights can complete a look, and hide your shamefully pale legs as the sun goes on vacation for the winter. Black tights also add a level of sophistication to some outfits, making them more classic and adding a certain touch of class.


5. Scarves

Oh scarves, how I love thee. Bright, bold, beautiful, vibrant, all of these things embody the perfect winter scarf. Fall clothes can tend to be a bit monochromatic and dark, scarves give you the ability to sprinkle a little color on an otherwise drab outfit.


6. Riding boots

Essential for the preppy fall looks we love so much. Riding boots are an easy fall outfit essential because a good pair of riding boots can make even an outfit of just leggings and a sweatshirt look cute. Not only that but they are super comfortable.


7. Dark Skinny Jeans

Dark denim is a must for fall, a good fitting pair of quality skinny jeans are perfect for pairing with your favorite riding boots.


8. Solid color Maxi skirt

In the transition period Maxi skirts are great for summer to fall looks because they’re simple, don’t go out of style, and are super easy to dress up for cooler fall nights. The simple addition of a denim jacket and a scarf take the maxi straight from summer into fall. Still warm where you are? A maxi skirt is great for pairing with cool tanks, sandals, and your favorite shades. Think of a good maxi as an investment. Get this look exclusively at The Palm Tree!

Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 5.08.21 PM


9. Something Leopard.

You can’t go wrong with leopard in the fall, the different hues of browns and ambers are perfect for pairing with traditional fall colors like hunter green and black. Weather it be a scarf, a tank like the one below, or some other leopard print accessory, you can never (repeat NEVER) go wrong with leopard. Leopard is The Palm Tree’s signature color, didn’t you know? Oh, and you can now get this perfect transition tank from The Palm Tree for 14.99 on for 2 days only!


10. Chambray shirt

Chambray shirts are great for both summer and fall, during the summer they make easy cover ups and cute additions to maxi skirts and denim shorts. During the fall they go great with colored skinny jeans, riding boots, and your favorite scarf.

What’s one thing you couldn’t live without during the transition period? Let us know! We’d love to hear from you!

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