Why Denim Is A Girl’s Best Friend August 13, 2014 15:31

Today’s obsession/mini rant is all about denim. We love denim. I mean really who doesn’t have that favorite pair of skinny jeans that hugs your curves just right, or that trusty denim jacket that completes any look summer or fall. Denim, the right denim, can be the center of your entire wardrobe and the fine line between a good outfit and a great outfit. Not only is denim great at completing or accenting a look, but it can also enhance your shape. With a variety of shades (washes) to choose from, and various cuts and lengths, every girl can find her perfect pair. Don’t even get me started on Chambray shirts or denim dresses, whew! I could go on for literally days.

1. Versatility
Denim is by far one of the most versatile textiles that works with almost anything you pair it with. I’m willing to go so far as to say a potato sack paired with the right skinny jeans would even look good. Versatility is great because it also means any high quality denim pieces you buy will work through every season and last you a long time.  Good denim is an investment really. ;)


Photo via Vogue Magazine

2. Variety
We love the variety of denim. Dark shades, fades, and acid washes make our little hearts sing. The right color of denim can look ultra chic or simple and casual, there is a shade for every occasion!

Photo via Pinterest

3.Aaaaaand, I ran out of V words.
One of our favorite things about denim is that it’s not just about the blue jeans, denim comes in all styles of clothing. Like this gorgeous new Life is Good Denim dress that just came in! Or our gorgeous new chambray Life In Progress top. No matter your look or personal style, you can always find the right denim piece for you.



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-The Palm Tree Team