It’s the Day After Labor Day and I’m Wearing White…+ Aggie Contest winner!

So as far as I can tell nothing bad has happened to me due to my partially white ensemble. My social circle has not shunned me as a post-labor-day-white-wearing-lunatic, and so far no bad luck has come to me (that I can tell), but just to be sure I haven’t crossed any black cats or walked under any ladders to keep the bad juju away. Whatever the reason behind not wearing white after Labor Day was, nothing bad has come of it. Of course you know I’m totally kidding, I know nothing bad will happen if I wear white after Labor Day, except maybe spilling hot coffee on my pants in my post 3-day weekend haze (which is highly likely by the way), but other than that I think we can all agree, that dated fashion rule of how ungodly it is to wear white after Labor Day is no longer followed by most women. In fact when I asked you guys about this on Facebook and Instagram all of you said that you’d wear what you want whenever you want regardless of what others think/feel/say, and to that I say “Amen, sister!” I think the time of controlling fashion rules is well on it’s way out. We are living in a wonderful time to be open to exploring any style of clothing without fear of judgment (for the most part) from others. Every girl wants to feel a little rebellious sometimes, so take pleasure in wearing the heck out of white this fall. Now get on with your bad self. ;)

Here are my 3 favorite ways to wear white after Labor Day via Pinterest.

1. White jeans + Neutrals=Heaven (even the stars do it!)

2. White coats and blazers

f11312a88dcdec554b3d6de0998e2838Via Babble

Via Mango

3. Accessories + Pearls


via Pinterest
7b115ba5fc717de77b23546ee7af0f1cvia Pinterest


And the winner of the Gig ‘em Aggies, kick-off contest is……..Shelly McAfee!!! Congratulations girl! Check your inbox for the winner confirmation to claim your prize! Thank you to everyone that participated, there will be many, many, more contests to come! 

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