A quick Update! Pardon Our Dust!

Hi all! I know we haven’t been blogging much this week, but we’ve been working on a super special store remodel and it has been taking up all of our precious time. We like to keep you guys in the loop and let you in on a little behind the scenes moments here at The Palm Tree, so I did a little bit of sneaking around with my phone to take pictures of the current state of the remodel. I was totally in “Harriet The Spy” mode no lie, notebook, dark shades and all. Maybe even my own spy theme music (don’t judge!).  So many cool things are happening right now, just take a look!

unnamed (1)

New Turquoise accent walls going up in the showroom.

unnamed (2)

Beautiful new rugs! <3

unnamed (3)Beautiful new fixtures and wood flooring.


New carpet!!

The remodel will be complete soon, and then we’ll give you and updated tour! Love you all!


-The Palm Tree

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