WILM: Why Every Girl Should Wear Pleather September 29, 2014 14:53

Happy Monday! After a great weekend it’s time to get back to work, I hope everyone had an equally memorable and fun weekend. :) So a big trend I’m seeing lately is Pleather (or faux leather), I’m seeing leggings, pleather accents, jewelry, dresses, Holy Hot Pants Batman! Pleather everywhere! And I’m not complaining! Deep inside this southern sweetheart is a die hard rocker chick with a love of all things edgy. I think we all have a little of that rocker girl in us somewhere who wants to push the envelope just a little. Well I’m here to tell you friends, the time is now! Fall is a great time for pushing your personal limits and trying a style or trend you might not usually feel comfortable with. I’m also here to tell you that ANYONE can wear, accessorize with, love, and possess some kind of pleather. Just because you don’t necessarily want to run around town in jet black Pleather pants doesn’t mean you have to miss out! There are so many cute options for a more conservative approach. Not convinced yet? If these adorable Pinterest finds don’t change your mind then I don’t know what will! Ciao till next time!


Classy, with a touch of edge. 


The Classic Faux Leather jacket (must have!) 


For the brave ones, these dresses are so hot! 






Our Got It In My Pocket Tunic with Faux leather leggings are ON TREND!  


A little Pleather sleeve detail takes this coat to the next level, LOVE! 



This adorable bow cuff is an easy way to be a part of this great trend! Plus there’s a tutorial, click the image to view the pin! 

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