Mix and Match: Mixing Textures and Patterns for Fall November 12, 2014 16:32

Incorporating texture and pattern into your wardrobe.
Texture and pattern are two really fun things to experiment with when it comes to clothing. The quilted texture of a vest over the softness of a plaid flannel button down is not only eye catching, but also interesting and memorable. Texture, contrast, dramatic, exciting, all of these words come to mind when I think of pairing my favorite prints and textures together. Here are a few of our mix and match inspired looks, hopefully you will draw inspiration from these and begin to create your own fashion masterpieces. Muaw!


DSC_8908 (2)The texture of fur over the silkiness of the plaid top =irresistibly cute!

DSC_8832 (1)Plaid over polka dots with a hint of shearling is eye catching, unique, and super on trend.

DSC_8865 (1)Flannel Buffalo Check paired with a soft, downy, quilted vest is a match made in texture heaven.

DSC_0856 (1)Plaid shorts paired with a soft polka dot cardi and suede booties makes a bold statement while still being fun and playfully youthful.