What Would Cinderella Wear? November 21, 2014 16:55

Hey, Ladies!

If you haven’t seen the trailer for the new Cinderella movie, you have to do that before reading this! Watch the movie alone, with your daughters, or just get a group of girls but seriously, go watch it because it looks amazing!


Now that you’ve watched the trailer, aren’t you DYING to hear about the costuming, because every character looks absolutely stunning! Sandy Powell, the three time Oscar-winning costumer designer stepped up Cinderella’s outfit game and I wish I was a Disney princess now more than ever! In an interview with Vogue Magazine, Sandy admits that “the bad guy is always the most fun to dress” while the “good, kind person is always the most challenging.” Regardless of who she was dressing, she takes the prize–and definitely deserves another Oscar!

As we are all well aware, Cinderella is a classic, and we all already have an idea of what her outfits should look like, so it’s a little difficult to stray from the norm even if the movie will be more contemporary. However, Powell did an incredible job at uplifting their wardrobes throughout the entire movie. She was aiming for the look of a “nineteenth-cenury period film made in the 1940’s or ’50s.” The step sisters wear pink and yellow to portray the typical 1950’s sorority sisters. And although the costuming for Cinderella was more difficult, she claims she didn’t want Cinderella in all the rags that she uses in the original: “What I gave her instead is a dress that starts out pretty and ends up looking faded, tired, and worn out.” Why didn’t anyone think of this before?!



As for the beautiful ball gown that Cinderella wears to the royal ball–it’s a cerulean gown with a voluminous skirt! The color is so stunning, and you may be wondering how they can keep it so full and with such a rich color, well we have the answer! The skirt is composed of more than a dozen layers of gossamer-fine silk with three different shades of pale blue, turquoise, and lavender. Just look at the trailer in the scene at the royal ball when she twirls. If only that was me!



If that isn’t enough glam for you, just wait until you hear about the glass slippers! Would you ever think it was possible to walk on crystals? Either did I, until I heard about these dainty shoes! Cinderella’s signature slippers are designed in collaboration with Swarovski and 100% made out of their finest crystals–imagine losing that shoe running out of a royal ball. 5 inches high, no platform! They must be incredibly hard to walk in, but to feel like a princess for one night, why not? After all, they do say, beauty is pain!

I can’t wait for this movie to come out in March. You can guarantee I’ll be there front row mesmerized by all these beautiful gowns! Hope to see you all there beside me!


xoxo – Lexi


PS: Prince Charming is so so cute!

PPS: In case you couldn’t tell, I totally wish I was a princess! (;