5 Winter Skin Care Tips To Have Beautiful Skin All Winter Long

Baby it’s cold outside…and my skin is dry, and rough, and not lusciously summer time beautiful like, at-all. It’s time to break out the winter skin care routine and kick my hydration game up a notch! Winter in all its billowy white gloriousness has one major downfall, dry skin. Our baby faces that we’ve been working to maintain all summer long are now a little paler and left just a wee bit parched in the cold *dry* winter air. With our tips your skin will look (and feel) like it just got in from a tropical vacation in maui, luscious and hydrated all winter long.


1. Drink something tropical


Coconut water has amazing anti-aging properties and is wonderful for staying hydrated, it’s chock full of natural electrolytes and cytokins and lauric acid which just happens to help regulate cell growth. Read more amazing uses for coconut here.


2. apply Argan Oil to problem areas. Beth over at Red and Honey recommends a dab of Argan oil for those with dry and oily skin after a shower to lock in mousture, perfect for our winter complexions!



3. Drink up! Drink at lease 8 glasses of water a day to stay hydrated inside and out! Your skin will thank you for it! Make your water more interesting by adding your favorite fruits for a yummy mineral infused flavored water! Find the recipe for this gorgeous Blackberry and Sage infused water here!



4.  Exfoliate! Get rid of dead skin and infuse your skin with minerals with a raw honey and brown sugar for an all natural all over body scrub. You can find the recipe and all it’s benefits here!



5. Don’t skimp on the moisturizer. We found this DIY Healthy face moisturizer over at www.SayNotSweetAnne.com and we are excited to try it out!




Do you have any tips to keeping a gorgeous complexion? Let us know in a comment!

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